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Ялинові стелажі

Опубліковано: 21 черв. 2020 р.
In this video I show the process of making spruce shelving.
I spent the last 6 months repairing the room in my basement and converting it into a storage room.
The process of preparing this room was quite complicated: it involved digging into the ground to increase the height of the room, strengthening the foundations of the walls, plastering the walls, making waterproofing and insulating the floor and two exterior walls and tiling. Overall it has been a long process.
Finally, when the room was ready, there was a need for shelves and an great idea for a new project.
To the make the shelving I used spruce boards; for screeds - I used a piece of ash board and I made It in my own way.
The shelves turned out strong and stable, I'm happy with the outcome.
Thank you for watching.
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