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Arrangement of Dust Extraction System in the workshop

Опубліковано: 22 квіт. 2022 р.
In this video I show the process of setting up my workshop with a dust extraction system. In my workshop I used chip and dust extraction unit from Metabo, which is a budget mobile model SPA 1200. But it also removes a lot of dust from the dust bag. So I decided to arrange for it a stationary place and adjust the system of branches to my needs. If necessary, I will set up additional connections. I made an airtight cabinet earlier. It was made from old steel angles and pieces of OSB I found at home. I used plexiglass for the door.
Today in Ukraine it is difficult for us to withstand all the madness which occurs due to Russia's aggression. It's hard to focus on work at present. There are currently no active hostilities in Western Ukraine, but there are no safe places in Ukraine today either. Russia is constantly firing long-range missiles onto entire territory of Ukraine. This project was created under constant air-raid sirens. We have had instances of the enemy missiles exploding nearby.
However, today only work and sincere children's emotions help to distract from the negative thoughts. I decided to finish what I had put off for a long time. Because we believe in victory and peaceful life after the war!
Today, the resilience of the Ukrainians managed to stop the enemy in the first days of the war and push them away from the capital and northern Ukraine. The whole world was shocked to see what the crimes committed by these villains in the occupied territories. Unable to defeat the Ukrainian army, they expelled their anger at innocent civilians. It is hard to believe that these atrocities were committed in one of the Central European countries in the 21st century. And it's even harder to believe how flawed, impotent and outdated the world's current defence systems. When it is necessary to act decisively, we see the sluggish reaction of world politicians, who until recently were considered leaders. Ukrainians are still gaces the enemy alone on the battlefield. And the Russian mad aggressor ignores the losses and any sanctions continueing to attack with his horde and destroy everything in its path. This enemy understands only strength. And the world must show this power. After 58 days of brutal war, some large countries began to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons. Although Ukraine has been asking for help since the first days of aggression. I receive many comments from my subscribers who express their support for Ukraine in these difficult times and express dissatisfaction with their government's weak decisions to support Ukraine. The main thing is that all politicians are elected by the people, and if a politician does not understand something, then the same people must show them the right direction. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Stand with Ukraine!
Ukrainians will continue to defend democracy and destroy the insidious enemy who came to our land with the war! The enemy will not break us!
We will win, the truth is with us!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces!
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