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the doox & Jarosłav Dżuś — CZUMAĆKA • The Tchoomak Song • Чумацька ©2019

Опубліковано: 15 берез. 2021 р.
Tchoomaks • Chumaks • Čumaki • Czumaki • Чумаки — Ukrainian ox-cart drivers, traders, merchants which travelled to Crimea and to other places for salt, fishes, etc. They existed from the XV century to the middle of the XIX century in the lands of the Great Steppe in the south-east part of Ukraine.
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the doox — is UA band, creates music in the folk-rock, world music styles, combining the ancient Ukrainian folklore with modern electronic and rock-style tunes.

Their repertoire comprises the songs from ethnological field trips and the records of traditional music from the Wołyń, Riwne, Kyiw, Połtava and others regions. The musicians try to combine ethnic sounds and melodies from all over the world, playing a variety of wind instruments of Ukraine and abroad.

The highlight of the band's music is a fusion of male and female voices in the traditional manner of singing. The band’s live outdoors performances cause a real sensation and get across the footlight.

Band The Doox was formed in spring of 2014, and led by Maksím Bereżniuk, the renowned multi-instrumentalist and piper. The musicians participated in a number of popular Ukrainian and Polish festivals.

The band’s song «Polübyla» (Fallen in Love) became a soundtrack for the movie «Zarady Myru» (For Peace), released in September 2014 within the competition of short films by 1+1 media.

+38-063-616-5712 — Viber, Telegram
(Taras Peretiatko)

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