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Wooden side table

Опубліковано: 25 листоп. 2023 р.
In this video, I demonstrate the process of making a wooden side table. For the tabletop, I decided to use parts of branches from fruit trees. When using such materials, especially without removing the bark, there is a high probability of everything falling apart. Therefore, I decided to assemble an empty frame and cover it with cut pieces of fruit tree branches. Although this process turned out to be time-consuming, it will prove its worth in the future. I have already used this method once before, and after 5 years, everything is holding up well with no complaints.

I also decided to glue the leg of the table from offcuts of ash boards. A glued leg will be more reliable and less prone to deformation than if I had used a part of the tree trunk. I made the square base with sturdy corner joints.
I am happy with the outcome. The table turned out strong, stable and matches my height adjustable ash chair I made earlier. My kids also liked everything.
In this video, I also showcased my first steps in learning to work with a CNC machine. I listened to the suggestions of my subscribers and prepared a new woodworking workshop for more extensive projects, although it has not been operational yet. In today's context, facing constant aggression from Russia, it is challenging to make long-term plans. We need to drive the Russian aggressor out of our land, and then we will start rebuilding everything.

Our liberation struggle continues.
Thanks to all our allies and partners for their support.
We believe in our victory. Glory to Ukraine!
Thank you all for watching! Stay safe!
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