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Опубліковано: 18 берез. 2022 р.

How can I receive funds from PayPal?
You can receive money from friends and family in your PayPal wallet and be able to transfer these funds to your bank account by linking an eligible Mastercard or Visa debit card, or to an eligible Mastercard or Visa credit card, as long as the issuer of your card or your bank supports the transfer. You can also transfer funds from your PayPal wallet to an eligible Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card.

You can choose to transfer funds using PayPal’s instant transfer feature to receive your money typically within minutes provided this functionality is supported by your bank or card issuer. Funds can be sent to an eligible linked debit card or credit card typically within minutes, giving fast access to your money during this critical time.

At this time, if you’re using a Mastercard from Universal Bank (including Mono Bank), Alfa Bank and UKRgasbank, you may not be able to use this card to transfer funds from a PayPal wallet to that Mastercard. Visa cards issued by these banks can be used to transfer funds from a PayPal wallet. We are working to enable these cards and will update when this changes.
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