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Опубліковано: 10 черв. 2022 р.
Download/listen a song: https://streamlink.to/2402eng

BEZ OBMEZHEN released a song and a music video for it called “24/02” in English. Sergii Tanchynets is the author of lyrics and music. Pavlo Shylko translated the song into English.
The song is named after a tragic date, which has left a mark on the hearts and destinies of all Ukrainians forever — the date of the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by russian occupiers. The morning that invariably divided the life of each resident of Ukraine into “before” and “after”. People ask themselves every day:” What if it didn’t happen? What if we could go back in time?” These thoughts inspired the band to the creation of the song "24/02". The video was directed by ukrainian director Artem Hryhoryan and co-directed by frontman and producer BEZ OBMEZHEN Sergii Tanchynets.
At the beginning of the video, we see the shelling and destruction caused by our enemy. We see the pain and grief we have experienced over the last three months… But the hands of the clock are turned back, trying to “cancel” what happened and what makes us live through so much pain. Destroyed buildings in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Irpin’ and other cities that are being restored brick by brick to their original state. We truly wish it would have never happened. However, the next frame does not allow us to escape from the harsh reality and directly says: "No matter how much we are hurt, no matter how much our souls burn, we have only one way to the glorious Victory." The only way to Ukraine's freedom is to fight for our Statehood and Independence with weapons in hand! The second part of the video work "24/02" says only one thing: faith in the Armed Forces – is the path to victory!
“The story behind the production of “24/02” goes — the stars aligned. Our friend Artem Hryhoryan called me and shared the idea of the video — to show the war in reverse and the harsh response of our guys to the aggression of the horde, as the ending of this video! I really liked his idea, and I said I just had a song I’ve written recently. The plot and the video work were finished together and finally, we made this music video. A clip of how our lives have changed in seconds. We (ukrainians) know what it was like: "before" the February 24th — each of us had his own life, with dreams, and plans for the future. And we already know what it is "after"… Life has changed forever. No matter what, we believe in the Armed Forces and know that after our Victory there will be a strong, free and, indeed, independent state. " — shared Sergii Tanchynets.


Sky falling down
Falling day after day
Heart of the town
Can you hear beat away
City protecting people
City securing children
Our beloved children

For the eternal fame
There is a heroes fight
Dropping her tears through the flame
Giving us hopes – Maria

It’s like a nightmare
But million times worse
That morning scare
That turned homes to wars
04:31 AM
Life changed for me and you
On 24/02

For the eternal fame
There is a heroes fight
Dropping her tears through the flame
Giving us hopes – Maria

For the eternal fame
There is a heroes fight
Dropping her tears through the flame
Giving us hopes – Maria

Heavenly tears through the flame
Giving us hopes – Maria

Lyrics and music – Sergii Tanchynets
Translation in English – Pavlo Shylko

Directed by Artem Hryhoryan
Co-director – Sergii Tanchynets
Cameraman – Artem Hryhoryan
Illuminator – Vitaliy Lastivka

Sound producer – Artur Danielyan, Sergii Tanchynets
Backing vocals, keyboards, additional programming – Artur Danielyan
Mastering – Vitaly Telezin, "211 Recording Studio"

Sergii Tanchynets – frontman
Andriy Radko – guitar
Oleksandr Adamenko – bass guitar
Igor Rybar – guitar, keyboards
Oleksiy Berezhnyi – drums
Oleksandr Zbrodskyi – Technical Director

Olena Harmash – PR
Yuliana Koretska – SMM
Yevhen Goryunov – manager
Sergii Tanchynets – producer
Maxim Tkachenko – creative producer
Oleg Khodachuk – general producer


Скачати/слухати пісню: https://streamlink.to/2402eng

Слова та музика – Сергій Танчинець
Художній переклад англійською мовою – Павло Шилько

Режисер – Артем Григорян
Співрежисер – Сергій Танчинець
Оператор – Артем Григорян
Освітлювач – Віталій Ластівка

Саундпродюсер – Артур Данієлян, Сергій Танчинець
Бек-вокал, клавішні, додаткове програмування – Артур Данієлян
Мастерінг – Віталій Телезин, «211 Recording Studio»

Сергій Танчинець – фронтмен
Андрій Радько – гітара
Олександр Адаменко – бас-гітара
Ігор Рибар – гітара, клавішні
Олексій Бережний – барабани
Олександр Збродський – технічний директор

Альона Гармаш – PR
Юліана Корецька – SMM
Євген Горюнов – директор
Сергій Танчинець – продюсер
Максим Ткаченко – творчий продюсер
Олег Ходачук – генеральний продюсер

•Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/bezobmezhenua/
•Instagram: https://instagram.com/bezobmezhen?igshid=18ot3sul64nx3

Booking: +38 (067) 220 8019 Євген
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