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YELKA — MLYNOCZOK • Mlynochok • Mlynočok • Млиночок (official video) ©2020

Опубліковано: 27 лют. 2021 р.
MLYNOCZOK • Mlynochok • Mlynočok • Млиночок
[a grinder, a mill]
(Ukrainian trad.)
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Listen :: buy — https://songwhip.com/yelka

Svitlana Bulanova — https://www.facebook.com/svetagrechanyuk
Maxím Velíczko — https://www.facebook.com/max.insidethesound

+380509371659 — (cell, Telegram, Viber) — Svitlana Bulanova
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Arrangement — by Max Velíczko, Kropíwnítskyj musician and composer (band Inside The Sound).
Drums — Maxím Didenko
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Alexandr Majorow, Kropíwnítskyj well known photographer: he appears in the frame at the 3rd minute) — https://www.facebook.com/maiorovphoto.
Alexandr took part in more than 40 expeditions of the Baba Yelka Project and together with another photographer — Michael Andrews — he co-authored a travelling photo exhibition In Search of Native Song.

The music video «Mlynoczok» was shotted near the villages of Davydiwka (Golovaniwskyj district) and Rozumiwka (Oleksandriwskyj district).

Davydiwka was chosen not by chance, but because of the picturesque banks of the Jatrań [yatrañ] river and the ancient water mill, built in the early twentieth century under the owner of the local estate of rear — Admiral Alexej Abaza. The mill operated approximately from 1911 to the 1990s.

Lyska mare, which was brought to graze by Davydiwka resident Pawlo Berbega at dawn, also took part in the filming.

The village of Rozumiwka known not only for its landscapes but also for its history. Here the estate of 81-year-old Nastia Zelenko was chosen for filming — it was from her that the members of the Baba Yelka project recorded the spring song, which YELKA rethought today.

Together with mrs Nastia the girls from Baba Yelka project and Maksím Velíczko met the dawn on the bank of the Bondar pond.

Members of the Baba Yelka project — Inna Tilnova and Svitlana Lystiuk also took part in the shooting.

The author of the skirts, in which Inna Tilnova and Svitlana Listiuk are dressed, was the master Valentína Liaszenko, who has been reproducing authentic Ukrainian clothes for many years («Stiożka» workshop).

Svitlana Listiuk's red skirt is decorated with textiles prints from the «Buriak Kuczeriavyj» (Curly Beet) Creative Workshop, and the grey one has a mystical history — the fabric for sewing it was found in the chest of Svitlana Bulanova's father-in-law, who returned from Siberia to Ukraine after his family was dekulakized.

Svetlana Bulanova's outfit is an authentic shirt and sundress (sharafan), sewn in the early twentieth century.

The girls wear traditional Ukrainian jewellery: a dukacz created by the «VidymoNevydymo» (Visible-Invisible) workshop, red ceramic necklaces, glass earrings worn by fashion mongers of the Oleksandriwskyj district in ancient times, ribbons and flowers.

YELKA strives to draw attention to our own by showing how beautiful everything connected with the native land can be.
• • • • • • • •

YELKA [єлька] — such a pseudonym was adopted by ethno-singer Svitlana Bulanova from Kropíwnítskyj in honor of her grandmother: Olena Rybalkina, who was called «Yelka» in the village.

She knew hundreds of folk songs, and also treated people with herbs, raised ten children, experienced the Holodomor… Nevertheless, she started each day with a song and accompanied the sunset with a song.

Each of us has his own «Baba Yelka» — a granny who could not be imagined without a song. They worked with a song, grew with a song, got married and went to the better worlds with a song....
• • • • • • • •

The Baba Yelka project is dedicated to Ukrainian folk songs, their search, preservation, and promotion. Founded in honour of grandmothers who are living bearers of the Ukrainian tradition.

Modestly living in the most forgotten Ukrainian villages, they have a great wealth - knowledge of lyrics and melodies of folk songs, which are passed from mouth to mouth from generation to generation.

The participants of the Baba Yelka project focus on finding and popularizing authentic songs collected in their native land — that is, in the Kropíwnítskyj region (ex-soviet Kirovograd district) in central Ukraine.

The idea of ​​the project belongs to ethno performer Svitlana Bulanova, journalist and editor of «Nova Gazeta» Inna Tilnova, and PR manager Victoria Semenenko.

The project is implemented with the media support of the regional publication «Nova Gazeta».

Photographers of the project: Aleksandr Maiorov, Michael Andrews.
Journalists: Inna Tilnova, Viktoria Semenenko, Svitlana Listyuk, Igor Krushenitsky

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