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Beton Banda

Відео на каналі: 34

We play punk rock most of our lives, spent 13 years in the basement, going to rare performances with the ska-punk band Abu Kasymovi Kaptsi, which was a pleasant pastime, no more. But if there were no "Kaptsi", we would not have anything to train on

With the disintegration of Abu Kasymovi, whose members ran away to "adult works" and cover bands, we finally decided to play the way we wanted to for a long time: aggressively, hysterically / emotionally and without "the right commercials that can lead you to the right people." As for style - we have no style, we play as before)

As Beton we play since 2017, released three albums "Йди Сюда (Come Here)" 2018, "Нічого Святого (Nothing Holy)" 2019 and now "Тільки Для Своїх (Members Only)" 2021