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#FliT - Brightest Days [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 2020 NEW #SINGLE

Опубліковано: 7 верес. 2020 р.
Humanity is currently going through rather dark days. The history spiral has yet again led us to sharp curves of its already uneasy road. When the dusk seem to have no end, it is very important to remember, that the darkest night always leads to the brightest day. Hold fast, breath in, breathe out, buckle up and continue your way, no matter what.
‘The Brightest Days’ makes you recall warm memories of easy, beautiful times, we all, at some point, had. Days, none of us wanted to leave, days, that until the end of time bring us smile, soften our hearts and give us something to have faith in. As the old saying goes: ‘The Reward doesn’t wait for you in the end of the Journey, the Reward is the Journey itself’.

Video productoin by Sergiy Yegorov,
#Track #mixing and #mastering by Roman Kalyn,
#Cover #design by Yaroslav Zen'

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Verse 1
Will you go with me
to past seasons?
Can we fade away
to those times?
Pre chorus 1
Well I guess
That you know
Now it’s time.
Take it slow.
And songs we write today
We won’t sing alone.
Our journey brought us far from yesterday
It was the brightest time to live
I wish I had stayed
We danced and sang in the shining sky.
Now, our souls will fly
Verse 2
Macca planted the seed
in our mind
Yesterday’s roots thrive
deep in time
Pre chorus 2
Well I guess
That we've known
Simple time
No Doubts.
And we wrote
Simple rhymes
With soft hearts.
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