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Ballroom King/ Бальний король

Опубліковано: 21 верес. 2020 р.
Year: 2019
Genre: drama, social
Running time: 65'

Makar lives in the Ukrainian village of Novi Sanzhary and dreams of becoming a ballroom dance teacher. In a rural school, there are no possibilities to develop his talent, and the nearest city, Poltava, is 30 km away. Ballroom school in Poltava once was the strongest in the Soviet Union. It was founded by Petro Horhol who still works promoting ballroom dancing throughout the Poltava region. Many students of Petro Horhol have reached great success and have their own schools around the world. One of them is Alex Ivanets, a multiple Champion of England, who is now a referee at Blackpool. There was a time when Alex had to walk 10 km on foot, to get to the class of Petro Horhol. Will Makar have enough determination to take this path?
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