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Great Dragons Parade in Kraków (Sony ZV-E10 Cinematic Video)

Опубліковано: 9 черв. 2024 р.
The Great Dragons Parade, also known as Wielka Parada Smoków, is a grand fireworks festival held annually in the first week of June in Kraków, Poland. This event features the largest fireworks display in Kraków.

The festival is a vibrant parade, locally known as "Wielka Parada Smoków," which translates to "Great Dragons Parade" in English. During this spectacular event, a variety of dragon-themed floats, costumes, and performances are showcased. People from all over come to witness the parade, capturing photos and enjoying the festive atmosphere. The Dragon Festival Krakow 2023 is a joyful celebration that brings together crowds to revel in the magic and mystique of dragons.

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