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Adjustable Height Ash Stool

Опубліковано: 17 черв. 2023 р.
In this video I demonstrate the process of making a height adjustable chair for my children. Children grow quickly, so I often have the need to choose the right chair for their entertainment. Therefore, I decided to experiment and make a such chair. In my previous project, I made accessories for cutting wooden threads, so I decided to use that and make this chair entirely from wood and not use any metal elements and fasteners.
I understand that sometimes even adults will want to sit on it, so I tried to make this chair as strong as possible.
Today, the people of Ukraine have been resisting the Russian invasion for a year and half; defending their independence. The number of war crimes committed by the Russian occupiers on the territory of Ukraine is increasing every day. Thus, a new terrible crime became the undermining of the dam at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, which caused a terrible man-made and ecological disasters, the consequences of which will be felt by the world.
Our struggle continues, we thank everyone who supports Ukraine in this struggle for our existence.
We thank all our allies and partners.
We believe in our victory, and fair punishment of all Russian war criminals.
Glory to Ukraine!
Thank you all for watching!
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