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War in Ukraine - Atlas by Coldplay

Опубліковано: 20 берез. 2022 р.
I heard Coldplay's 'Atlas' a long time ago, but I only became aware of the lyrics after hearing the track in The Hunger Games again two months ago. At that time, of course, I did not think that my people would soon make these lyrics so relevant.

Ukrainians now are outdoing any blockbusters. We have finally, like Atlantis, shrugged our shoulders and "carry the world" - both literally and figuratively. We carry the worlds of our relatives, loved ones, friends, neighbors and even pets, so that these worlds survive, as well as our common world, so that we are able to enjoy again the achievements not only of our military, but also athletes, musicians, ordinary people.

I'll carry your world!
Glory to Ukraine!
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