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Large folding table

Опубліковано: 21 трав. 2022 р.
In this video, I demonstrate the process of making a large table for my gazebo. I already made one table (Reclaimed Wood Table) for this purpose, using technique demonstrated by Jimmy Diresta in one of his videos. By the way, 6 years ago his video works inspired me to create my own projects. I am sincerely grateful to him for that. However, my earlier Reclaimed Wood Table was very massive and inconvenient, so I offered it to my friends and decided to create something more practical. The new table had to be large, mobile, not take too much space and be collapsible. I work without drawings, guided only by the imagination and the amount of available materials and the same way this time round - everything was created in the process of making.
I am happy with the outcome. The table turned out strong, stable, easy to unfold and move. But today I will not be able to properly test this table. No loud celebrations for ukrainians today.
I will make a real feast on this table only after victory Ukraine over the army of the Russian occupiers. The Russian aggressor has been committing terrible war crimes in my country for 85 days. Ukraine stands, the armed forces of Ukraine heroically defend the Ukrainian land, but we all understand that the price of such our victory has been extremely high. Today, we all pray for the salvation of the defenders of Mariupol.
Heavy fighting is currently taking place in the northeast, east and south of Ukraine. However, the enemy continues to fire missiles on the entire territory of Ukraine. During this project, my city was several times heavily attacked by such missiles. We felt the blast wave from these shellings. It was scary. I'll never understand how the world allowed a known psychopath to remain in position for so long.
Today in Ukraine it is difficult for us to withstand all the madness which occurs due to Russia's aggression. It's hard to focus on work at present but only work and sincere children's emotions help to distract from the negative thoughts. I decided to start this project because we believe our victory will come!
We are sincerely grateful to all our allies who support us in these difficult days for Ukraine. Together we will defeat this Russian evil. And one day we will loudly celebrate our common victory!
Stand with Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to all the defenders of Ukraine!
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