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Qaqarotto - Azovstal

Опубліковано: 13 черв. 2022 р.
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Пишаюся бути носієм української мови. Слава Україні!

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As you know, a full-scale war with tanks, aircraft, and massive artillery shelling of Ukrainian cities is under way in Ukraine. The active phase of the war is taking place right now in eastern Ukraine. Diplomacy has receded into the background, while active hostilities are taking place and everything is being decided on the battlefield.

Mariupol is a city located close to the border with russia. Since the first day of the war on February 24, the russians laid siege to it and bombed it daily with missiles, aircraft, tanks and artillery for more than 70 days. There is no safe connection to Mariupol from the Ukrainian territory, so it is very difficult to evacuate the population or help the soldiers. After 70 days of war, Mariupol was almost completely captured by the aggressor.

Mariupol defenders have retreated to the last line of defense in the territory of Azovstal - a plant with a large number of underground passages and storage facilities, which is located close to the sea. Find it on the map. The civilian population is hiding there together with the military.

While most of you are living your peaceful life, wounded defenders and civilians are dying in terrible torment somewhere in the basements of Azovstal. In front of the whole world, the russians are killing people with impunity.

I am convinced that with the support of the international community it is possible to organize an operation of extraction of the Ukrainian people out of a hopeless situation. You can help by calling on your authorities, taking a firm public position, demanding help. Why the Western world keeps demonstrating impotence? Why in the 21st century the world stands aside and watches the fading heart of Mariupol - Azovstal. This is cruel!

Right now, the Ukrainian military and civilians, abandoned all over the world and left for dead, are suffering in terrible agony with rotting wounds in complete unsanitary conditions in the basements of Azovstal in Mariupol.

Save Mariupol, evacuate Azovstal!

00:00 - Ukraine must know what it means to "be faithful to the homeland" (Сaptain, Deputy Commander of Azov Regiment Sviatoslav Palamar).
00:19 - I am proud of my soldiers who are making inhuman efforts to contain the enemy's onslaught. The situation is extremely difficult, but in spite of everything, we continue to carry out the order and keep the defense. (Commander of the Azov Regiment Denys Prokopenko)
01:05 - For the third day in a row, the enemy broke into the territory of the Azovstal plant, where heavy bloody fighting continues. The defenders of the city have been fighting alone for 71 days with the overwhelming forces of the enemy and, damn it, show such endurance and heroism that Ukraine must know what it means to be faithful to the homeland. (Sviatoslav Palamar)
02:35 - I call on the world community to evacuate civilians and I personally appeal to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to take care of wounded soldiers who are dying in agony from inadequate treatment. Give the opportunity to pick up the bodies of soldiers so that Ukrainians can say goodbye to their heroes. The enemy does not adhere to any ethical norms, conventions and laws, destroying people in front of the whole world, guided by permissiveness and impunity. Glory to Ukraine! (Sviatoslav Palamar)
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