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Router Table Stand

Опубліковано: 21 лют. 2021 р.
In this video I demonstrate the proces of making a Router Table Stand. Working on projects I often catch myself thinking that I needed a router table. The hand router attached to a piece of plywood no longer suited me. I didn't want make the table top, because today I already set requirements for the accuracy of my tool. Apparently this is a professional growth! ;)
So I took the already tested Kreg Router Table with a Router Fence. Also for convenience, I took the JET Router motor with a Router Lift.
The stand for all these components I decided to make myself with maximum functionality.
The router table stand turned out heavy, stable, with good mobility and no vibration during operation. The engine runs quietly, which is probably a great news for my neighbors! ;)
I worked on this project for a long time, but I'm glad that I did it. This Router table will significantly simplify my work and expand the possibilities in the work. This feels like a good accomplishment.
Thank you all for watching, I hope that my project will bring to someone new ideas and inspiration in the development of your creative abilities!
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