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Опубліковано: 4 черв. 2013 р.
"When you see the announcement that The Telnyuk Sisters are performing, you can be sure about the beautiful evening. They work in musical genre which cannot be named rock, nor is it ethno, folk or jazz; it's a mixture of two impressive voices with a powerful energy and romance. Their new program is a musical embodiment of the poems of most well-known poets, so be prepared for an evening of philosophy, myticism and adventure all rolled into one.
The paintings of young and ambitious artist from Canada Ihor Polishchuk will reinforce emotional state.
This evening will be unforgettable!" - What's On Kyiv

1. Road of glass I
2. Two trans-Atlantic sonnets
3. Theorem
4. World
5. "I'm burning with tenderness -- Your face I'm moulding..."
6. Night butterflies
7. New York, NY
8. "All the same, I loved you..."
9. "I'm always at home between day and slumber..."
10. Self-portrait without jealousy
11. Mist
12. Morning
13. Appleblossomly
14. "Laddie, laddie, taken from a stretcher..."
15. Road of glass II
16. New law of Archimedes
17. "You'll fade like rain beyond the gate..."

Music for all songs: Lesya Telnyuk

The Telnyuk Sisters:
Halya Telnyuk: vocals
Lesya Telnyuk: vocals, keyboard
Sviatoslav Borovyk: cello
Ihor Patsovskyi: cello
Maksym Rymar: cello

Sound producer: Kostiantyn Kostenko
Producer: Nazar Stryhun

This video has been recorded during the concert in KUMF Gallery (Toronto, ON) on 10 May 2013 by Markian Radomsky, W4Y Productions
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